Going without proper food for 4 days. Only white bread and water. Difficult. Now, I feel so hungry and my organisms so insecure and craving for all different type of food. Amazining. Craving mostly fet and high calorie food. Rebuilding the resources and the provisions.


You woke up in the morning. Try to focus. Collect all your thoughts. Close your eyes again. Think. Your day. Imagine, you will live for the next 60years. How would your day look like, then. If you have all 60 years ahead of you. What would you do? You get up from bed, and then what? What would be the flow of the day? The list of activities you do? How different would be your plan from the actual day you have ahead of you? Now – blank it. Imagine you only have 10 years ahead of you. Now, which of the activities are crossed out from your day? What would you not do and what would you do instead? Blank it. You have only 1 year ahead. What you cross out now, and what you put in? How your priorities change? What becomes completely insignificant, and what becomes essential and crucial during the day?  Your degree, or your current job, or your long-term commitment? All become irrelevant. What will your day look now? Blank it. Deep breath. You have only a month. Extremes. More things are thrown out of your day’s schedule. Perhaps more and more things, from the “I will do it later” list are squeezing into your day? What are these? What you fear the most you will not manage to squeeze into the day. Into that day, into today. Blank it. Think through it all again. Imagine the process of changing your day schedule. Remember what came in, and what went out of the schedule. Remember the priorities changing, the less time you have left.

So, how much time do you have? How our day should look like? Do I really want to postpone some of the things for later, or perhaps I really want to do them today?

My lifespan is unknown. There is no reason to assume, that I or my beloved ones’ life will last the next 60 years. Some dear to me people will not be here in 10 years. Some will not be in 5. Some have only a month to go. It is not only my life that matters in my daily planning. Others too. If you postponed something
too long, I may not be able to do that later. Simply – you or others may not be around anymore.

Open your eyes. The day starts now. You get up of your bed. Think. Focus. Collect your thoughts. Take a deep breath… decide.