Focus, 2001

“Everything Is About To Become Very Clear”

Good movie about Larry and Gert (his wife) who are mistakenly taken as Jews in a antisemitic brooklyn neighbourhood. Set towards the end of second world war, it not only shows racial discrimination and mindless of the mob – the movie also depicts well the struggle and mental and spiritual development of the main character (Larry). He must establish his identity and a somewhat surprising alignment with a real Jewish family. Larry needs to grow up enough to find his identity; to get enough strength to publicly follow in what he believed is the right and the noble thing to do. Gert initially rebellious and agressivily opposed to injustice is willing to give up or go along with injustice, but under the influence of Larry, follows the same path.  Worth a view, especially given recent escalation of racism and national discrimination. 


Fracture, New Zealand, 2004

Interesting, character driven story of interconnected lives of Auckland families on different walks of life. Mentally unstable Leeanne’s brothers causes the “fracture” throughout the various families involved. Interesting portrait of a Leeanne, single mother struggling to keep on going with her life based on her own principles. 


The long awaited VPN for World45 is in place and working from today. The skeleton of OpenSim nightly builds system is operational from today too. The University of Arizona probe Phoenix lended on Mars today (and I have not helped at all – shame). And Hank called me today – my PhD convener. He passed me the news: I’ve passed. Closure. I went to gym, and to yoga class after work. Tough. Today is Mothers Day in Poland. We had a muffin with Ula in the evening. 

Dostałam ospę!

No i stało się. Jestem chora na ospę. Wzieło mnie dość ostro w poniedziałek, i we wtorek miałam już dużo chrostek. Wysypka bardzo mnie swędzi i rodzice nie mogą sobie poradzić ze mną – bo drapię wszystko. Jestem teraz w domu z mamą która się mną opiekuje.  W sobotę jak byłam z tatusiem to zrobiłam sama siusiu i kupke na nocniczek – byłam z siebie bardzo dumna. Sama zakladam sobie juz też takie majteczki (pull-ups).

Starting it up

Transitioning various blogs into a single point of entry. From now on, this is it – a single place to hold it all. Still need to add projects, publications and photo gallery. Moving data from blogger might be tedious, and will need to wait.