16 dni.

Bylam dzis z mama i z siostra Emilia w szpitalu na badaniu krwi i moczu. Bardzo zesmy sie wszystkie trzy umeczyly i wyczekaly – w porze lunchu szpital byl niezle zdezorganizowany. Jestem bardzo silna – walczylam dzielnie podczas pobierania krwi. Wszystko wyglada ze jest w porzadku. Rosne! Mam juz 58cm dlugosci, o 9cm wiecej niz jak sie urodzilam oraz waze 3470g. 

Feeling hungry

Oh, sleeping on the floor, on a tramping mat, is not that much fun. On tramping trips it never bothered me to sleep on the floor or on the ground and it felt really comfy. But doing that at home feels much more uncomfortable! I have generally good mood, and feel well, but I feel hungry a bit. I have been on strict 3 meals per day diet for about 2 weeks now and I have not felt any side-effects. It was not until just today, on the second day of my strict no meat diet, that I feel slightly hungry between the meals. I basically feel slightly hungry almost all the time. I guess switching to no-meat moved my diet regime towards low-calorie point. I will need to have an in-depth look into my diet during the next few weeks. I still do not have my voice back. Whispering to everyone – I start to like it – people need to actually let you speak and listen if they want to hear what do you have to say. Emilia is cute – she always whispers back to me when we talk, and then she uses a loud normal voice when talking to Ula.

Last day before the monthly “trip”.

I must admit enjoying a lot the BBQ mutton on my last day before the full 10 rules are in place. I have had 3 really good meals. I did the final food shopping today, scoring a whooping $102 in the health shop in Central New World. Then another $120 in a supermarket. Lots of grains, lentils and beans. Some different types of pasta, potatoes, dried tomatoes and mushrooms, flour (white and whole meal), oil, cheese, eggs, some fruits and veggies. Two UHT milks and a container of whey protein concentrate – to supplement the diet. Not sure I really need it, but I want to maintain high activities level throughout the period. We’ll see how it goes.

Motivation? I want to experience it, I want to feel it. I want every single cell of my body to learn what it means. I heard that to understand Zen one needs to practice it, and to understand monk’s mind and monk’s existence one need to become one. I cannot do that, but can I come closer by experiencing a little? I know that this is not really a proper setup – I should go for a time period to a proper monastery instead, like some of the western people do – but this is beside the point – the point is – can one be a monk in modern western society? This is what comes as close as I can do myself at home. And doing it with friends makes it so much more enjoyable and fun, that there is not really much more needed of a motivation.

Lost my voice

I got a throat infection and lost my voice today. I can only whisper. It is funny how much it influences the interactions with the surroundings. Tony had his farewell lunch today. Later good time in Eureka. Difficult to resist eating chips and wedges – I guess need more time to get used to the rules of the experiment. Starting in 2 days.

Collecting some thoughts.

Some articles that I have read recently:

Computing uncomputable: the example of o-machine in real life.

GeoHashing represents an interesting use of real-world oracle-based computation. In short, DOW opening index on a given day is used as the oracle input sequence to compute a Lon-Lat coordinates for a meeting place for ad-hoc assembled adventure seeking participants. The meeting locations cannot be computed ahead of time, and Friday DOW opening index can be used to generate meeting locations for the weekend days. The initial idea is attributed to xkcd webcomic which gained popularity in certain circles. To get a taste you can check for e.g. On purity

In the context of theory of computation, geo-hashing represents an interesting real-life computation process that cannot be modeled by a Turing machine (unless someone turns out with a Turing machine capable of modelling the stock market and predicting exact DOW indices). The only existing theory of computation applicable here would be the oracle-based machines, or O-machines in Turing nomenclature. Theoretically, given appropriate oracle, an O-machine is capable of computing “more” than any normal Turing machine can – which is simply demonstrated by the ad-hoc meetings through geo-hashing. Can such o-machine-based computing schemes will become abundant in Web 2.0 and post Web 2.0 era? What other useful things could non-turing-computable real-life o-machines be used for?  The linkages between computing and real-world are starting to be washed away – computing is becoming part of real-physical world, tightly coupled with real physical events and phenomena. O-machine-based computing might become the dominant computing paradigm, and things will get really interesting then – because most if not all limitations of Turing-machines will cease to be applicable anymore.  Will this put Fredkin’s Turing-machine equivalent universe into question? 


Happy 0 Birthday

Dzis obchodzilismy urodziny Lidii – mojej malej siostrzyczki. Poczatkowo bylam bardzo zdenerwowana cala ta sytuacja, i nie wiem czym wszyscy sie tak ekscytuja. Mimo iz to jej urodziny, Lidia przygotowala rozne prezenty dla mnie, i musze przyznac ze chyba ja polubilam. Dostalam taki stroj dzieki ktoremu moge przeistoczyc sie w motylka, oraz takie specjalne czulki ktore zamieniala mnie w biedronke. Bardzo lubie swoje nowe zabawki. Lidia ma takie malutkie raczki i takie malutkie stopki. Jest taka malutka i tak smiesznie placze czasami. Jak mama pojechala do szpitala, tato zawiozl mnie do Celiny i Jacka, tam spedzilam noc i dzien – bardzo bylam grzeczna i ladnie sie bawilam z Celina i z Ewa. 

Lidia came to join us

Lidia was born today, at 4:50, after 3hrs labour. 3145g and almost 50cm. Ula’s contractions started around 00:45 – they were 30s long and spread every 8min. We went to the hospital with Ula just before 2:00. Contractions were then around 45s long and re-occurring every 4min. Ula did not use any pain killers or drugs, and went on with more frequent contractions till around 3:40 – at which time she went into the pushing stage. It was not progressing fast. At some point we almost started thinking of what’s next if baby’s progress in not achieved – but shortly after the progress has been achieved – the pushing started to work, and shortly after we could see the tip of the baby’s head. This was around 4:40. 10min later, Lidia as out in her entirety. Both, Ula and Lidia were fine and Lidia expressed her suprise to the sudden change of environment by a loud cry. Lidia was placed on Ula’s breasts to have her first feed, and she quickly got more pinkish/redish hue colour of her skin. After the meal, she went to sleep, quite content and not really bothered by anything. After a while, she woke up again, and started looking around, especially fascinated by light sources. She seems to be quite alert and responsive girl. Lidia joined us, ie. me, Ula, Emilia and our families and friends in our journey through life. I hope she will like it in here. 

June 8, 2008 – Mt.Titiroa, Borland Valley

Starting from Dunedin around 2115 on Sunday night. Quick drive to Gore, fueling up, last supper, heading towards Te Anau. Taking a left turn after The Key into Blackmount Redcliff Rd. Driving down towards a turn-off right onto Monowai Rd towards Borland Lodge. Passing the lodge, passing the  start of ?? track, and stopping at the little bend with the start of Borland Valley track – 0030. Going to sleep – Adrian in the tent, Mariusz and Tony in the car. Waking up 730, breakfest, starting up the track at 925 (where all that time went, we have no clue!) 1:15 to the junction, few more minutes to the bridge. Around 50min to the nice rock bivvy with a wooden platform. Awesome place for a night. Continuing on – 20min to a river crossing, then climbing a bit up. Another river, another ridge up, final climb and descent to the bush opening. The cosy 2-banks hut is close to the river, 10min from the bush line. Welcomed with relief. Nice evening, feast, playing spanish Uno with Adrian. Night nice, although Mariusz and Tony both felt some big animal have been cruising outside the hut at night (eating loudly). Waking up 640, starting through bare feet river crossing at 820. Climbing up on the left-hand side ridge that joins the straight up ridge just opposite the hut. Bad choice – the start easy, but on a little flat section between the ridges lots of thick bush. Reaching the straight up ridge and heading up towards the tarns. Bushline welcomed with huge relief 2hrs from the start. Climbing up towards the unnamed peak at 1585m. Lots of nice boulders and rocky outcrops along the way, with snow lurking in places. Awesome views. Reaching summit at 1220. Taking lots of photos, and enjoying the views. Heading down on the “proper” ridge. Reaching the hut at 1530. Leaving hut at 1605. Dark at 1800 (viewpoints on the ridge along the bush track, 2 river crossings done with). Walking after dark much slower, spirits reaching low towards the end of the tramp – the last hour the worst. Reaching car 2330. Yay. 15.5hrs day is over. Driving home. In bed at 430. 

Queen’s Birthday.

Today is Queen’s Birthday, public holiday in NZ. Our friend, Czeslawa Panek, celebrates her birthday today too. She has lost all her documents and birth certificates during the war, and her parents both died during the war. None remembers exactly when she was born, therefore she just picked a day half way the year to celebrate the birthday. It was interesting to get together yesterday, with people ranging from 2.5 to 75 years old. I went to Oamaru (where Czesia lives) together with Emilia and Magda. Ula stayed home – she is still recovering from chickenpox. After the party we went with Eleonora, Cecylia and Magda to visit Marek’s Japanese cottage in his forest. Really peaceful and relaxing time. Discussions wondered from topic to topic, and the most interesting was the attitude towards work I think. Magda explained that her parents complained about her working as a cleaner in a hostel, after finishing her 5-year old studies and obtaining a MSc degree. To some people a given activity or work one performs is a clear indication of social status and cast-like classification. But not everyone sees it this way. Marek told us about a family he knows from Japan – very successful business owners and managers of chain of business properties throughout the country. He said that although they have achieved a huge success and are multi-millionaires, they work as cleaners few times a week just for the sake of appreciation of work and mental balance.