Lidia came to join us

Lidia was born today, at 4:50, after 3hrs labour. 3145g and almost 50cm. Ula’s contractions started around 00:45 – they were 30s long and spread every 8min. We went to the hospital with Ula just before 2:00. Contractions were then around 45s long and re-occurring every 4min. Ula did not use any pain killers or drugs, and went on with more frequent contractions till around 3:40 – at which time she went into the pushing stage. It was not progressing fast. At some point we almost started thinking of what’s next if baby’s progress in not achieved – but shortly after the progress has been achieved – the pushing started to work, and shortly after we could see the tip of the baby’s head. This was around 4:40. 10min later, Lidia as out in her entirety. Both, Ula and Lidia were fine and Lidia expressed her suprise to the sudden change of environment by a loud cry. Lidia was placed on Ula’s breasts to have her first feed, and she quickly got more pinkish/redish hue colour of her skin. After the meal, she went to sleep, quite content and not really bothered by anything. After a while, she woke up again, and started looking around, especially fascinated by light sources. She seems to be quite alert and responsive girl. Lidia joined us, ie. me, Ula, Emilia and our families and friends in our journey through life. I hope she will like it in here. 

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