Last day of the experiment.

The experiment comes officially to the end tonight. One month of strict rules have left a definite mark. I think I got to know my limits better. I know now what feels hard. I understand better the various stages my body goes through when “unlearning” some of the automated behaviours. I got more disciplined too. It feels weird- in a way I do not want to change much. It feels good to be where I am now. I really like the common lunches with Adrian, Tony, and Peter. We’ll continue having them. It feels weird to think of not sleeping on the floor, and being able to spend money, and all that.  Sure, I missed music and films a lot, but beside that everything else came natural. We’ll do have a break now, Tony is having his birthday week (yup, he is going to celebrate for the week – a day is not enough he reckons 😉  Then Tony reckons we continue throughout the August. I’ll join him after Dunedin Film Festival. 

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