Outram – half-marathon – 1:35:01

I’ve taken part in Hill Free half-marathon in Outram today. Tony Moore run with me. It has been 30th time the event has been organised. In the early days it used to be a club’s event with few participants. Runners were writing down the time they think they will get, and the winner was the person who got the closest to their envisioned time (no watches were allowed during the run). Now, the half-marathon is accompanied by 2km under 12 yo race, 10km run and a walk. Awesome day, good weather, good turnout. Lots of spot prizes at the end. I got a pair of running socks!

It was the first event which I run for time. Really difficult to judge initially the speed and the strategy for the run. Pretty good start, and doing well till 15th km. Then getting difficulty in keeping the speed up and regular breathing.  Split times:

  • 5km – 22:26 (4:29/km)
  • 10km – 44:26 (22:00/5km, 4:24/km avg)
  • 15km – 1:07:44 (23:18/5km)
  • 21km – 1:35:01 (22:44/5km, 4:33/km avg)
  • Total – 4:31/1km avg
  • Target for a run under 90min: 4:17/km, 21:24/5km)

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