Busy day. Silence vow.

I have decided not to talk on Fridays.

Last night I went to sleep after 4. Realy busy last few weeks. Finishing the Oman paper and exams with Noria. Woke up 8:30. Lab 9:00 (I was a bit late). Final touches on the slides took 3hrs. The monk’s lunch with Carl. Feeling really slow and sleepy. Another set of lectures and labs. Ake interview about Otago e-prints, and Mat and Julian fiddling with mobile phone programming – Qt and Symbian C++ app for GPS access – making progress. Tired. Walking to Polish Society meeting. Battling with my thoughts whether to go and eat something before the meeting or not. In front of Clubs-and-Socs building a girl shouts “Do you want free food?” – “No, thanks!”. It sinks after 30s or so that I am actually hungry and I am actually looking for food. Turning back. Warm veggie soup, and nice muffins. Soup coocked from Farmers market ingriedients – girls just having a “club” for cooking on Thursday and sharing a meal with everyone on the street. Nice bunch. One of the girls is from Germany, the other local, plans a trip to Poland in few months. Giving her some tips. The soup and muffin worked a miracle. Feeling much better. Polish society meeting – pretty stormy. Cecylia resigns from her presidency and nominates me as a temporary substitute. Coming back home with Paul.

Unicycling practice – seems like I’m not making ANY progress at all.

Reorganising twitter – merging the accounts together. Praeteritio is the word.

A new journey starts…

Every journey starts with the first step. This time, the journey’s name is “unicycling”. I have got my first ever, 24″, cheap unicycle. Started my, most likely, a long trip to master the new skill.

Why would one want ever to learn a useless skill such as unicycling?

I do think skills are by definition never “useless” – they enrich us, as human beings, they influence the way we operate, and how we live. And then there is always the classic answer: Why not? It is always a great fun to overcome one’s own inabilities, learn new difficult skill, etc. Skills do lead to new friendships and adventures.

Started easy, at home, with 10min session trying to balance in a spot. The seat is a bit hard and uncomfortable. Once I learn I may need to change it perhaps.

Teretonga – day at the races.

Two weeks after my first have a go day I have visited another South Island race track: Teretonga. Much faster, much smoother than Levels, and a little bit longer. Awesome day. 4 sessions, 80km in total, including standing start quarter-mile race (2x). Reached the fastest speed on the straight so far (207km/h) and set the quarter-mile personal record (13.09s). I’m sure the bike can probably go under 13s, which is for 23yo bike a pretty decent result. Took me much longer to mentally “map” the track and to get accustomed to various curves and corners. Plenty of things to learn and master. Some decent photos – coming soon.