The silence day – updated.

Two weeks ago I have skipped one Friday of silence. I have talked as normal for entire day, with everyone, with no restraints. To my big surprise, the next day, and the following day, and the following day, I felt something is not quite “in order”. I felt a strong desire not to talk, as if, the day was my “silence day”. I was surprised. My body got used to 1 day a week of not talking, and in a way it “demanded” the routine to continue. It just didn’t feel right for me to talk. That feeling passed but the following Friday I resumed the routine.

I think we can become accustomed or used to virtually anything, if our bodies are exposed to a routine for long enough. it can be psychological pattern, or nutritional, or behavioural. Anything. It got me thinking of who we really are? Do we really control of who we are? How little we know about ourselves. Who we might become if we just do some very tiny adjustments in our everyday routines?

“We are what we have done; We are becoming of what we are doing now.”