I do not use Facebook

I have been on Facebook and truly enjoyed staying in touch with many of my friends. Hearing the buzz and enjoying the “ambient intimacy” is truly amazing. Knowing what everyone around me is up to, where they travel, what they do, read, think, etc. It is great way of being there, or at least, feeling as if one is out there with all the friends. However, Facebook has some serious flaws and I have decided we should part our ways.

It was not easy to break off from the experience. But, there are several reasons why I have decided to quit. One is that Facebook blurs the boundary between the friends I really want to stay close with, and the ones that might be more attuned with Facebook itself. What it means is that I end up socialising more with people that just are on Facebook, instead of spending time with friends I care more about, who are not on Facebook. The balance needs to be brought back.

The second reason is, that as with everything else that we do, our decisions and actions influence everyone else. I think the way Facebook has started, how it operates, and what its founders represent is not something I would not give my thumbs up. Therefore, it would be hypocritical of me to use the service it despite my moral objections to what this service represent, and how it came about.

The third reason is, that Facebook just got it wrong. I support the opinions that a completely new, alternative model is required. Therefore, if I continue using Facebook I’d be voting for status quo, instead of progress. Everyone should quit, so that others have incentive to work and provide something better.

How has it been without it? I do miss it sometimes; I do miss some of the friends that my quitting Facebook make “inaccessible” anymore to socialise with. But hey, I’ve re-established email correspondence with some of my close friends, and in a long run they are going to be more rewarding, perhaps deeper relationships. Media and technology should work for us not us for the technology.

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