Is child under 15 a person?

I’ve written two previous posts (the first and the second) about the Dunedin’s ride share scheme.

The essence of the story is that children are refused the same rights as adults, as it comes to certain preferences (like preferential parking). I’m a University lecturer, and my kids go to University nursery and childcare. If they were 15, they would be treated as people, and would participate in the ride-share scheme. Because they are small, DCC has decided to refuse them to use preference when it comes to parking.

The question remains open: can (or should) a child under 15 be considered a person (or in this particular case, a passenger of a vehicle)?

I’ve written up to DCC and also to New Zealand Human rights office. Awaiting resolution in this manner.

My personal opinion is that ride-share schemes, as in other countries (like USA), should be managed by central government and official traffic law if they apply to public roads and public parking spaces. Any living person (including infants) should be considered a perfectly qualifying passenger. It feels to me that New Zealand is making a step into a wrong direction here with this one.

What do you think?

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