100km in 10 days

So, I’ve done it. I’ve run 100km in the last 10 days. Not that hard. I am still not convinced that I can run 100km in a single day though. Next test in July, 100km in 5 days. Plans for early August: 100km in 3 days.

I run almost everyday now, with lots of hills (hilly environment down here). Some runs are during lunchtime, some late, before I go to sleep (22:00-00:00). I’m working on a simple electronic system to log my workouts and training progress. One thing I’ve noticed already was my resting heart rate went down from around 65 to a 48 in a matter of 6 months (I measure it from time to time first thing in the morning after waking up). My weight keeps constant, although due to the last more intense training I think I’m a bit down than usual. Need to eat more calories!
I do not have anymore any issues with my knees. I used to have sore knees back in January/February for runs of 20km or more. Later, when I started training in Nike Free (running) I could feel my knees even shortly after 10km runs. All these problems went away recently and I do not feel my knees at all. I have sore calves and sometimes quads, but that’s it. Motivation is also improving. It is much easier for me to convince myself to run, rain or shine, and to do longer and more intense up hill training sessions. I have to plan more flat running though, as the actual race is mostly flat.

Kitchen table story

When we have moved to New Zealand with Ula we had literally two backpacks, two cups, two spoons and some clothes. Moving from place to place was simple: pack the backpacks and walk to the new place.
As time went on, we have accumulated more things. Shifting places became much larger ordeal. Lots of people helped us in the early days by donating used furniture and equipment that we lacked. Our kitchen table has been given to us by a friend (Qingqing) and various chairs found their way to our kitchen. We have used many, but because of the age, most have broken down and had to be disposed. The last working ones are still with us today. We have 3 relatively working chairs (out of which 1 is actually pretty decent) and on old table, that has accompanied us from almost all the places that we lived in. Like with old friends, all chairs and the table share lots of memories. They shared most of the family events with us. Ula’s desire to replace them with new furniture has grown stronger and stronger over the years. With the family of 4, having a small kitchen table with only 3 chairs out of which only 1 was really “good”, did present a certain dilemma though. We ended up using devised by Emilia (5yo) system, where one person each day can occupy the “good” chair, and the next person will enjoy the privilege the following day. The system was fair, and worked well.
Today, after years of waiting, Ula’s dreams came true, and a new dining set with 6 brand new chairs has been purchased. The set is made out of Baltic pine wood, that has been used for shipping crates and recycled in Vietnam. Even though not used before, it contains wear and tear of second hand table. It is nice, and we have welcomed it as a new member of the family.

The old chairs and the table will have to find new place now. There is no space left in our house.

A new adventure begins

One of the biggest joys of life is to be discovering own self, one’s limitations and abilities. Who am I? Some time mid last year I have decided to take part in a long running event, an ultra-marathon. 100km. I am sure it was a complex decision, partially guided by my childhood dreams, the pleasure of running, by the challenge and desire to push my own limits. I know I am unable to run 100km. I know that because after running a marathon I am completely done. But, can I change a person who cannot run 100km into a person that can?
I have started training back in January, doing around 150km per month. The training proper started mid April. First 10 days of June will be a 100km challange, then I’ll redo it in 5 days in July. The actual race is at the end of August. Wish me luck!