2 days left.

Anxious. And excited. One of the long awaited dreams is about to come true. The dream of being able to run 100km has haunted me since high-school. In my hometown there was a 100km running race organised every year, as part of the European league. Many entrants, many amazing results. Fascinated by all those people running, enduring such inhuman effort for a symbolic reward.

Now I am about to experience this myself. To understand. To comprehend of what it means to run 100km. I often go back in my thoughts to this single person, Pheidippides, who has started it all. A legend. A movement. Inspiring person.

Going beyond myself. Have I conquered the “old me” who was not capable of running 100km? How did I changed? It was a great few months, with a large number of hours spent running, outdoors, enjoying the sceneries. I have truly enjoyed the journey. I think I understood better of what running is all about. I have learned more about my limits, and my body. And how it all works. I’m more experienced now. Both, sport-wise and soul-wise. Hard to put it all into words. I did change and I know that i like of who I have became. But then again, wasn’t I always destined to be, just, myself?

I am happy of what is about to happen. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for long enough, and now the anticipation and happiness slowly settle in. Dream coming true – a big one.


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