Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan by Darren Aronofski (2010). IMDB. The story of a young woman dancer, Nina, living with her mother, who was also a dancer but stopped her career when pregnant with Nina at the age of 28. Nina practice and compets to perform in the Swan Lake. A white, innocent twin dancing, practicing and striving for perfection and purity vs. sensual and full of intrique black twin, that the prince falls for. The girls were changed into swans and awaited the prince to turn them back into humans. The white twin commits suicide at the end.

Nina undergoes a dramatic transformations, with delusions and visions. She changes from a innocent aspiring girl into passionate and full of emotions and sensual heat woman.

Are all women partially white and partially black swans? Are my two daughters to undergo same dramatic adolescent transformation?

“I felt it. Perfect. It was perfect”

Is life about living it, and feeling it? How much is the experience worth? Being able to live through something, and experience something that have not been experienced before.


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