I have entered…

The entries for both, the ultramarathon in Nasby and moro marathon around Otago Peninsula have been signed, submitted, done. I’m in. Excited, and scared. Humbled. The calf muscle still hurts, but I have managed to run the last 2 days. The distance of 2.5x marathon does not fit into my head yet – I cannot comprehend what it means. Rationally, I understand that it will be the hardest thing I have ever done, and the longest day, and there will be pain, lots of it, but, it still feels abstract and remote. 9 days to go.

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    1. mariusz Post author

      Hey –
      It took me a while to get my head around the event. I’ll write more about it in a bit… yes, I’ve done it. It was totally unexpected. Like with many things you wait to do for long time, and then you do them for the very first time – it is always different to what you imagined it to be. Did I enjoyed it? Yes and no. There were times I was pretty euphoric and happy. There were times I was completely beaten and totally depressed. There were times I loved running. And times I hated it, and put the whole adventure into question. It was a cocktail of emotions. I cannot really say that I have enjoyed it while doing it. But, I certainly enjoy it a lot afterwords. Thanks lots for the support!

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