Requiem for a dream (2000)

Requiem for a dream, on IMDB. Already a classic on its own right. Strong, emotionally loaded story on addictions. On human dreams, desires, aspirations, and the thin line between the abyss and madness, and the sense of belonging, and achievement. Rather intense. Interesting editing, beautiful shots. Perfect.

Everyone should watch it. Everyone will be affected by this movie. Definitely not a “feel good movie” – do not screen it on friendly gatherings 😉 But a movie worth watching. I enjoyed how mom’s innocent addiction to TV shows and chocolate went downhill after simple visit to a doctor. The pills.

Aren’t we all addicted to something? Is it a matter of scale? Is an “innocent” addiction to TV series or chocolate any different, at its core, to heroin addiction? What’s really so different? Dopamine and serotonin injection in the brain works the same way no matter what caused it. Is the addiction or rather the scope of damage done? Is there a hard threshold between “normal” and “abnormal” level of addiction? How much are we able to sacrifice to have the feeling of security, safety, belonging.

I loved the movie, one of the best and strongest movies I’ve seen. That’s the third Darren Aronofski’s movie I’ve seen recently, after Pi and The Black Swan. All highly recommended.

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