Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives check also IMDB.

I have watched that film in a dark room, with headphones on, and I think that helped to truly enjoy this moody and dreamy film. The sounds and the images, many scenes have subtly influenced and transferred me into a dream-like tropical jungle. A vary subtle, floating world, blurred between a real story, dreams, myths and surreal images.

Human-made illusions, desires, struggle. “Heaven is overrated. Nothing ever really happens there.” Uncle Boonmee, a farm owner, is dying of kidney disease. He recalls his life, and feels his death is due to karma. He has killed too many communists and pests (through the use of pesticides on his farm). The film starts of with a cow scene, that breaks free, but after wondering into the woods, and getting somewhat lost, is brought back by a farmer who went out looking for it. The monkeys symbolize the communists perhaps, because on one of the still shots the soldiers have captured one and imprisoned it. Human-made boundaries. Symbolism. Nature. Buddhists traditions and the ultimate reconnection with the truth. Can good intentions justify killings (of other human being or insects)?


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