Hanmer Springs

For Labour weekend we went with a pack of friends to Hanmer Springs. Tony and his family, Ola and Tomek and Murad. The road trip was surprisingly long (with breaks it took pretty much entire day) and the kids did not enjoyed it that much. But once we reached the destination everyone enjoyed it a lot. Springs, short walks, weather, and mountain biking was just brilliant. Sprinkle it with a pretty dramatic France-All Blacks RWC final. I have managed to squeeze in morning run to a nearby hill, and the next day we went with Ala and Tomek up to Mt. Isobel. We have done it in just over 2hrs from the pass (light, almost running). Great views, windy.

On both days I’ve done mountain biking training for the upcoming Himalayan trip. All the red trails were fine, although some elements I had to walk through the first time round. I’ve repeated few loops and got much more confident on steep ascents. Awesome biking playground up there.


Cadrona skiing

This was the last weekend of the season. We made a family trip to Cadrona together with Murad. Everyone enjoyed their time. Both Emilia and Lidia loved it. Emilia enjoyed skiing and was able to do the entire Big Easy on her own. The first day the weather wasn’t that great, and Murad couldn’t do any photos. But the second day was just fantastic. The snow wasn’t bad, although toward the end of the day it was rather wet and heavy. Great time.