Haircut & Freedom wigs

I was growing hair for about 3 years. They were long. The longest I have ever had. (I could cover my nipples with my own hair, something I could never do before).

Ula has cut my hair, then trimmed with the machine, then I shaved it to the skin. The whole procedure took nearly an hour. The hair has been donated to Freedom Wigs, a Dunedin based company. If your hair are long and you’d like something, consider donating. There are people that will appreciate it. If you do that, remember to try to cut your hair to be as long as possible. The best might be to make multiple pony-tails around your head, and cut each individually.

After the shave it is a bit cold to my head to I’m wearing a bandhana now. Some people have not noticed that I’ve shaved. I like that. I like when appearances or visual cues are not used to judge. But unfortunately, on some level, everyone is influenced by oddities aspecially something that is really different to mainstream.┬áHaving healthy hair is a blessing, and I take it for granted. Even after the shave the hair will grow quickly back. For some people, especially women, hair loss is a major problem, affecting their well being and confidence. It feels good that I could help.

My kids. Having long hair or being bold, I’m always the same person for my kds, the same father they have. I reckon changing one’s appearance encourages more open mind attitude and tolerance to differences in children (which are pretty open minded and tolerant naturally). Lidia (younger daughter) asked me to shave her too! When she grows up she will be able to do that on her own.

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