Ice diving and Cromwell trip.

Together with Christopher, Ellaine and Jack we have managed to organize a healthy group of 12 people from University Dive club keen to go up to 1,8000m above sea level, on a snowy peak on Remarkables, to do… not skiing, but scuba diving. Under ice. Ellaine has rented a van, and we have started the adventure on Friday. Arrived in Cromwell just before 10pm, tired, went to sleep early. On Saturday we all got around 6am, and started the trip towards Queenstown and Remarkables at 6:40am. Ski field reached shortly after 8am, and off we go onto the ski lift. And the fun started. First, easy ride on the chair lift. Then a hike up to the Lake Alta. Then carrying the gear. Changing clothes. Wait. Wait. Wait. And splash. Boom – the chill, the hole, the beam of light, the cracks. The super-smooth surface from beneath the ice. The experience.

For foto check the OUDC website.

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