Starting up the family blog

There is a lot of things happening recently. We are taking extended leave and spending few months back in Poland. The family is also undergoing a major experiment with Emilia attending Polish school. I’d like to have a record of this and the idea of family blog has been born.

I have been posting some family and personal things for sometime now, but, we never had a proper family blog. I will partitioned my earlier blog on and placed all personal posts in here. I will leave work-related posts on the original blog, and this way I can keep the personal and technical posts separate.┬áLet’s see how it will go.

My first day in school

Today was my first day in a new, polish school. It is much different to what I am used to in Dunedin. There is about 120 kids here. A bit more to my school in Dunedin. The school hosts classes 1, 2 and 3, and each has two classes, A and B. I am in class 1A, together with 18 other children. I sit in a desk next to Lisa. I was a bit overwhelmed today. The school breaks are far too short, and the actual classes far too long. I do not have my books yet, and my parents need to organise various things for me. I have my new uniform – I like it.