University reunion

25th of May, 2013. Nysa. Travelling to Wrocław by a private minibus. The trip went swift apart the initial hicups. The bus arrived almost 20min late. The driver was a bit disorganized. He called someone, asked: “Where are the safety belts in this car? No safety belts? No need for safety belts? Ok then.”
Arrived to Wrocław after 80min. Nice. The vibe and atmosfere of the city quickly filled me. I have enjoyed the walk to the city main square via świdnicka street. Lots of memories. Beautiful main square. Walked around the square. Entered the restaurant exactly at 17:30 and met with few people there. I did not recognized a single person. Wasn’t I socializing AT ALL? The people start filling in. Some I’ve recognized – cool – I see Kasia coming in and the memories of school years quickly are coming back. She has not changed much and spoken with her soft calm voice: Mariuszek. Fun. From SINT there was only Jaro. We have chatted for quite a bit. Various things, but mostly about monetary systems, time banks, bitcoins and the central banks. Pysia and Chris coming. Watching photos of kids. Talking about different things. Different passions and different interests. Everyone is similar. Similar life stage, similar dillemas, same similar thoughts. But also so different, at the same time. Chatting away until pass 1am. Final goodbyes, hugs and kisses. Fetching the lift with Pysia, going to Opole. Chatting. Sleeping with cats. Nice breakfast and quick packing. In bus again. Traveling to Nysa. Lots of thoughts coming back. People faces scrolling through, memories, feelings. Getting a bit bird’s view perspective on life for few moments. Where do we all go? What is our purpose? Will we all fullfil it, or miss it? Are we all just rushing after things that do not need to be rushed after? Jaro seems to reach a point of querying and asking questions. How about others? Life snapshots – I cannot make generalisations based on few conversations and some fragmented pictures of things happening in the last 15 years. Yet, the brain tries to do that. Making few photographs but cannot switch to the photographer mindsets. Feeling the moment to be sacred. Reflections. Enjoying the time and atmosphere. Everyone seems OK. No pose, no show off. Natural and easy. Almost like in the old days.