11 days left

I am in. Bieg Kukuczki is now on my “todo” list, and occupies a lot of my thinking. The official participant page includes now my name. Sinking feeling.¬†Yup, I’m getting more unsettled. The enormousity of the undertaking of running for 24 hours is slowly dawning on me. I clock 120-140km per week. PER WEEK. Now it will have to be squeezed to just a single run. A week is a lot of time. I can sleep, eat, rest. Doing something in a week is not a good proxy for doing something in a single day. 140km is the minimum distance to become qualified in the race.

I’m worried about the physical aspects, such as pain, and the various injuries, less or more serious, that may result as a consequence of undertaking this challenge. During the previous 12h, 100km race, I had quite a badly swollen feet and I hope this will not happen here. I am definitely better prepared this time. Perhaps even prepared for 100km race, but, 24h is definitely “beyond”, out there, in the spectrum of things that I can manage mentally in my head. I will not know what it is and how it feels like if I do not try.

The other thing I am worried about is my head. Spending 24hours just with myself, my thoughts, and the continuous physical challenge seem haunting. One possible solution to put my mind into some alternative place would be to get some audiobook. What would be a good book to “read” during an event like that? I thought about some of travel/expedition/climbing/adventure book.

Any suggestions?


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