14 days left

So comes the challenge. 14 days left. 24 hours of running.

I’m afraid. Of many things. Yes, I am afraid of feeling pain. A bit. But mostly spending so much time alone. I know there will be none there with me, during the run, and I know I will crave human contact to the limits of my capacities. I hope the other runners will be sufficient company to keep me going.

It feels irrational, but time in extreme circumstances stretches. It feels longer. I still remember the final 30minutes or so of the last marathon. “I now have to lift my leg. It is so hard, extremely hard. I have to help with my arms, and upper body, tense all the muscles, to lift my foot. It is so hard. I feel pain in so many places around my body. It is so hard. But lets do it!” This thinking and routine repeats about 2-3 times a second, 120-160 times a minute. Extreme.

My biggest mental-physical challenge to date was probably cycling up Khardung La (polish) with my brother. Breathtaking scenery, uplifting views of Karakorums and the excruciating headache, combined with inability to breath and put physical effort of cycling uphill.

My running jersey is stiff of sweat. I have visited friends yesterday for dinner, finished at 20:30, put my shoes on and run 20km. No problems. Woke up today and run 12km with 2kgs weights on my ankles. I’ve run 450km in September. I never felt so fit. Am I ready? I do not think so. I do not know how it feels to be prepared for such a long endurance event.



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