2 days left

I’ve picked up my blood tests today. Everything is just fine. Sugar, iron, blood morphology, and cholesterol all in perfect shape. Blood pressure 116/74. Resting heart rate in the morning a bit elevated after yesterday’s run – 56. But it should drop down to high 40s in the next day or two. I have difficulties sleeping and relaxing – thinking too much about the event.

I think the night and waiting for the sunrise are going to be the hardest part, most likely. The lack of sleep, the exhaustion, and the mental challenge of continued running. Not sure I am mentally well-prepared. Physically perhaps. Mentally? We shall see.

As easy the usual running trainings and events are, preps for this race are getting harder and harder. All the decisions about the strategy, food, and fluid intake. What to prepare? What will I want to eat during the race? What will I do not want? Energy bars? Protein bars? Gels? What drinks? Hot drinks like soups? I have no idea. Clothing is also a bit of mystery – normally shorts and t-shirt are fine but running through the night might require warmer clothing. How about chaffing? Should I tape my feet? How?

I’m slowly getting ready, but there are things that I’m not so sure about, and things I would rather have sorted before the race, rather than dealing with them during the race. Anyway, most of the shopping has been done today. One more day here at my parents place and then on Friday, my sister and I will travel to the event.

It is interesting to observe how slowly many mundane things from life are getting pushed aside, and the event takes the central place in my thinking and in my focus. I guess it might be partially a survival reflex. For a brief moment of my life, everything else will cease, and for the few hours, which will undoubtedly stretch towards lifetime, I will be alone with myself and my thoughts and nothing else will exist, beyond the few elements of reality around me, few people and the constant running. Life simplified to bare minimum. To survival. And to persistence, endurance and tenacity.

Tenacity. I will understand more about this word in 2 days time.


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