FILM – TV – GAMES: 2014

FILM – TV – SPILL, norwegian game industry forum 2-days symposium.

Most of the symposium talks were in norwegian. Some  that were in English are shown below.

Day 1

Trolls vs. Vikings – marketing and marketing hacks. Slides in English.

Excellent talk by Jean Babtisnte Huynh from Dragonbox about the math games.

Lego Minifigures, Funcom talk about management and company culture.

Day 2

Rockpocket games, talking about Shiftlings, two-person co-op game with the blow-up-one-character mechanic, puzzle solving. Moving towards consoles.

Indie games and student projects: Myriad, Klang, Savant and Size Does Matter. Q/A session by Jory Prum. Interesting use of beat and game mechanic, especially in Klang.

Fun Run and Dino Dash talk by Aurora Klaeboe Berg from Dirtybit. Hints and hacks about networking in SV.

Simon McCallum from HiG about the future of Game technology.


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