Fear. Faith.

I will run 130km tomorrow, during the mountain run festival in Poland. Is running ultra something exciting? Something great? Not really. As in life, there are moments that you cherish, moments that highlight the journey, but overall, it boils down to just a mundane inhumane effort.  It is hard to explain why I will run. I cannot rationally explain it to myself neither.

There is something magically appealing in the inhumane effort that one has to go through to come out on the other side. It is a true “valley of darkness”, and the only emotion that I entertain now is fear. There is no joy, no enthusiasm, no elevating feeling. I had those earlier, when doing longer runs for the first time. But now, with a bit of experience, I am just plainly scared. I know that I will go through hell. My body. And my mind.

How do you prepare for running ultra? What do you need? There is only one thing you need to have, and one thing only. FAITH. You need to believe, that you can do it. It is that simple.