Birdman, 2014

Birdman, 2014, by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Story of love, ego, desire to be loved and admired. Story of achieving something in the past, and moving on. Story of being a father to a daughter, and husband. Story of accomplishing something  important.

Lots of symbols and metaphors. References to other movies. Ending open for interpretations. Examples: He dies in the theatre, the ending is just death-dream hallucinations. He survives the suicide attempt on the premiere, but jumps out and commits suicide in the hospital. He survives. In all of the cases he achieves the admiration of the public, of the critics, and of his daughter.

Interesting tension and interactions between Riggan and his daughter. Social media playing central role in her world-view, and the struggle to make something meaningful that is validated by the social peers. Opening a Twitter account and having 80k followers within few hours validates to her the worth of her own father.

Complex and multilayered presentation of modern artist/creator and the world around.

Original ending with Jonny Depp rewritten to the current ending. I sort of liked the self-referential, “Being John Malcovitch” style of the original concept for the ending and the exposition of the layers of play and drama.

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