Thursday, February 11

I couldn’t sleep last night. I woke up several times throughout the night. I guess I was a bit stressed, but not realised it at the time. Today I had an important meeting, with a presentation in front of several reps from the Norwegian law enforcement agencies and Europol. The presentation and the meeting went well. I hope there will be follow up collaboration. The meeting alone was very interesting. Balancing the technological developments with policy making and security issues is a truly tricky undertaking.

The trip to and from Oslo went well – I drove my colleague car, and chatted with her throughout the trip. Pretty nice weather, side trip to pick up her friend from the Gardermoen airport. Back to Gjovik, work, then trip to Lillehammer with Rune and Terje for climbing. Met Agata and Piotr, who were practicing there as well. Arild joined shortly after we have started.

Now I’ll do some coding on the educational project I’ve been recently working on, and then go to sleep.