Busy day. Morning and early afternoon dedicated to SmartCities workshop at NTNU. Simon and I setup HTP Vive and demoed some of VR capabilities in the context of remote collaboration. Simon later showcased the collaboration space developed by MSc student, Niclas. Then meeting with Basel and Tom, discussing the future of VR projects. Back to workshop. Work, emails, catching up with students taking the graphics exam. Then home. Installing the spiky tires onto the bicycle, and cycling to the climbing gym. First climbing with Terje, then with Basel. A day like many others, but, there was this girl. At the climbing gym. She was wearing a pair of¬†glasses and a pretty bright red jersey. She was loud, talkative, and extremely excited. She was about 6 years old. I think, it might have been her very first day at the climbing gym. She talked to everyone climbing there, asking how often they climb, and how great climbing is. She was so full of positive energy that it just poured to everyone she interrupted in her enquiries. She talked to me for few minutes, although I couldn’t answer her much as my Norwegian¬†is almost non-existent. I smiled, nodded, and tried to answer some of her questions. She has brightened my day. And, she made everyone else in the gym smiling. She might have said, that she wants to be like “us”, people that can climb things that she cannot yet. I want to be like her, capable of bringing enthusiasm and positive energy to the world around.


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