Bucharest, Day 2.


Preventing hate Against Roma: Plural policing for communities
Dr Zoe James, Plymouth University, UK
Community Policy, expert. Also, See Margret Greenfields
Consensual Policing

INHS – International Network for Hate Studies
– crimes committed against a person on the basis of a prejudice held against their identity
the identity can be based on race, or nationality, or sex, or religious beliefs, etc
– why people offend in the first place and treat the crime in the context of offending
Hate speech, powerful elites, media, far-right, ripple effect on communities (fear of crime)
OSCE Hate Crime Report (2015)
Discrimination: deprivation, poor accommodation, ill health, state agency complicity (police abuse, brutality, cruelty, etc)
refs James (2014), FRA (2016)
Coercive Policing
– authoritarian, coercive, repressive, militaristic, controlling communities
Consensual Policing
– senior police, community police, diversity officers, liberal, consensus-based, encouraging the reporting, respectful, peace-keeping forces
Community policing embraced as principle throughout Europe (Brogden and Nijhar, 2005)
Procedural justice enhances police legitimacy (Sargeant et al, 2016)
Social policing (Walker 2016)

Restorative policing

Money traces, accounting, tax evasion

Follow the money, the impact of illicit financial flows, home and abroad
Razvan Hoinaru (part of the project)
Quen Mary, University College

– IFF — illicit financial flows
– The Stolojan-Kaba report
– Accounting – tricks of the trade
The world is the vulnerable place, why, liabilities tend to exceed the assets. IFFs are mainly African issues, and the money mostly ends up in Switzerland and in the UK.

Africa has 29 billionaires (France has 30), Africa standard of life has risen, from 1$/day to 1.25$/day.
certain practices in the City of London and Delaware, US, took 20 trillion dollars from the world’s economy.
Economic perspective vs Policy perspective
accounting is a device to keep capitalist honest, but, there is a mismatch between the instrument and the policy

EU anti-money laundering directive
African acknowledged the problem

Alia Kobylianska, PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Odessa, Ukraine
victimisation of internally displaced persons, a case of Ukraine, economic aspects

mostly about the displaced people, 64.000 internally displaced in Poland

PTSD in Serbia
Leposava Kron, Belgrade, Criminology and Socialogical research
Radu Petre

Cost of homicide 1.7m GPB in 2010, in 2012 3.533m GBP
Burglary 820GBP

cost of crime per capita: under 100US$ in Romania, and over $400 in London


Zizi Goschin
Spatial econometrics, location of crime, hot spots, tool: Geoda


Personal notes

Breakfast. Sessions. Interesting case study for police wearing the body-worn cameras, and the effects it has on their performance, and on the complaints police receives from stop-and-search suspects. And interesting talk from Radu about the costs of crime. My talk. A bit rushed, due to time constraints. Then meeting with the economic crime unit and then with the NGO. Interesting discussions. Sessions end. Walking to town with 4 other people, two from the UK, one Italian and one from Romania. Nice dinner, chatting. Caru ca Bere restaurant. Lots of tourists, but nice atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Walking home. Emails, blog, sleep. Alarm clock set at 3. Tough.


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