Movie night at Carl’s

Together with Ula, we have put up the Christmas lights on the house today. It turned out to be a non-trivial task. First, planning of where they should go is not obvious. Then, the actual installation process, given the sheer cover of ice everywhere, is challenging. At the end, I have opted for installing it on a height that does not require any extra devices such as ladders, almost exclusively out of safety reasons.

Kids were on a trip to Lillehammer, so it was a bit of surprise for them. It worked nice at the end, and everyone likes the current setup. Next year, in summer, we might setup a bit more lights on the edges of the house, but this type of work is definitely not for the winter time.

In the evening we went for a movie night at Carl. It was a nice, relaxing evening. We have watched Hotel Transylvania and the Oz cartoon, forgot the title. It was pretty good, and the kids liked it.

My home computer keeps rebooting, and my work laptop is running out of space every time I’m trying to run Android Studio. Pretty bad – couldn’t write a single line of code today.


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