Travel. The entire day. First, bus to Gardermoen. Then, the first flight to Munich. Delayed by over 2 hours. I stayed at the airport, working mostly. The flight boarding, further delays. Then the actual flight. The weather seemed fine, with blue skies, and a thick layer of flat clouds below us. As it turns out, that flat layer of clouds was actually a fog, hugging the earth, so once we went into it, it was almost immediately ground. Landed at 15:00, and my connecting flight was leaving at 15:15. I got 10 Euros to eat and got rescheduled for 22:25 flight. At 21:30, I got a message that I have a new seat, because there will be a different plane, and then, subsequently, the flight was cancelled altogether. Queues. Dinner voucher. Taxi voucher. And hotel voucher. And, that was my day. Spent in the airports. Working on the victimisation paper, dark web, and the future of blockchains in for the organised crime.

Contacted Julian, but he is in Darmstad on the Microsoft workshop today. Bad timing, otherwise we could have a beer perhaps. Next time.

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