No painkillers

Today morning, just before I took the pain medication, I could feel how my rib cage feels without the meds. I was quite shocked, how painful it felt, compared to Saturday, the day after the incident, when I was without painkillers the entire day, in pain. So: Saturday (no pain killers), pain, Sunday, with painkillers, manageable, and Monday, no pain killers again, and agony of pain in the morning. I decided to not take midday and evening dose of painkillers on today. I will just endure. Enduring makes me used to the pain, and I do not experience ups-and-downs of pain due to the effects of the medication. I am free from the influence of the meds. It feels worse, in some sense, but then again, the pain regulates my behaviour. Makes me more careful. Also, I think I have less of those sudden muscle spasms that were caused by a small painful twitch. After the initial small strike of pain, the entire muscle goes into a spasm that makes the pain even worse, which makes the muscles to contract even more.  I guess it was caused by the brain and the muscles not getting the feedback properly. So, good buy painkillers.


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