Sunday. First true Sunday in a long time. It means I can relax a bit, catch up with some of the long-postponed tasks, and learn something new.
Got up early, annoyed with the computer problems. Cleaned-up the home computer, troubleshooted the HDD. Tried to update the development tools, but constant GPU panics made it impossible to even update the Android Studio. Finally, discovered that NVidia has a new updated driver, that might work. After installing it, things seems to work OK. Done the backups, upgraded both, Android Studio and Unity, and started with a simple coding tasks in Unity to refresh the skills. Done some work with the ConnectMe app, too. But progress is slow.

Girls and mom prepared the Christmas cards for family and friends. Then in the late afternoon we have played the Settlers of Catan game. Again, first time in a while. Fun. A bit of arguing here and there. Everyone fighting for the resources and the land.

The snow is a bit wet, as the temperature is around zero. Cleaning the space in front of the garage was not bad, but the space around the house is heavily frozen, with solid banks and irregular surfaces. Hard to shovel the snow. Winter is slowly creeping in. The world around looks quite nice and white.

Back pain still considerable, but, I can do most of the tasks, including minor snow shoveling and sweeping, so, things are progressing in good direction.

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