Two strings

Yesterday Emilia got her smartphone sorted, and for the first time she can use email and messaging apps. It is quite revealing, or perhaps eye-opening, of how she approaches it, and how she uses it to communicate with her friends, and with the extended family. For example, naturally, she uses quite a number of emojis in her messages. She has definitely never learned it from me. It is interesting to see her interacting with parents and the rest of the family through this new medium. It is rather hard to see your own kids becoming independent, as it happens very gradually, but, this is a clearly visible process.

Today was a bit warmer morning than yesterday, about -2C. Another rather busy day at work. Split into short chunks of meetings, and short activities. Meeting with Jaimie, Hakon, Magnus. Discussing workload issues with Tom and Simon. Then Game Programming final session with students, discussing the submission expectations. I guess this should be done up better early in the course.

Brainstorming a bit about the way immersive virtual environments can be controlled without the Vive controllers. Possibly using the Tango device. Will have to explore the ideas more.

Evening. Watching “Kubo and the two strings”. This film is thought-provoking and immensely beautiful. Makes a big impression on girls. I guess it is a bit hard for them to get all the meaning from the movie, but we will surely watch it again. Must discuss it tomorrow of how much they have got from the movie. When asked why the title is “two string”, Emilia says that it is about his mom and dad.


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