About us


The story starts when I met Ula. This was in Wrocław, during our studies. Shortly after graduating, we moved to Dunedin, New Zealand. This is where both our daughters were born: Emilia in 2005 and Lidia in 2008. We lived in Dunedin until the end of 2013, and then we have moved to Gjovik, Norway. Where we currently live.

The cast

  • Mariusz: dad, computer scientist, check about Mariusz page
  • Ula: mom, the chemist
  • Emilia: first daughter, the artist and the gymnast
  • Lidia: second daughter, not sure who yet, working on it

The place

  • Poland, Kalisz and Nysa: old homes
  • New Zealand, Dunedin: home (true home for Emilia and Lidia)
  • Norway, Gjovik: new home (working on it)