Mobile Projects

A very busy day. Early start, meeting with Simon and discussing the VR lab activities and the CityCOP project. Then meeting with Hakon, then mobile projects presentations. 15 groups. Some exciting projects, and some less exciting ones. A spectrum.

<need to fill that space – give me some time>

Then going for Lidia end-of-the-year celebrations. Ruffle. Food. Meeting with some of the polish parents in the school. Then home. Preparing game design exam. Working well past midnight. Too many tasks.


Sunday. First true Sunday in a long time. It means I can relax a bit, catch up with some of the long-postponed tasks, and learn something new.
Got up early, annoyed with the computer problems. Cleaned-up the home computer, troubleshooted the HDD. Tried to update the development tools, but constant GPU panics made it impossible to even update the Android Studio. Finally, discovered that NVidia has a new updated driver, that might work. After installing it, things seems to work OK. Done the backups, upgraded both, Android Studio and Unity, and started with a simple coding tasks in Unity to refresh the skills. Done some work with the ConnectMe app, too. But progress is slow.

Girls and mom prepared the Christmas cards for family and friends. Then in the late afternoon we have played the Settlers of Catan game. Again, first time in a while. Fun. A bit of arguing here and there. Everyone fighting for the resources and the land.

The snow is a bit wet, as the temperature is around zero. Cleaning the space in front of the garage was not bad, but the space around the house is heavily frozen, with solid banks and irregular surfaces. Hard to shovel the snow. Winter is slowly creeping in. The world around looks quite nice and white.

Back pain still considerable, but, I can do most of the tasks, including minor snow shoveling and sweeping, so, things are progressing in good direction.

Movie night at Carl’s

Together with Ula, we have put up the Christmas lights on the house today. It turned out to be a non-trivial task. First, planning of where they should go is not obvious. Then, the actual installation process, given the sheer cover of ice everywhere, is challenging. At the end, I have opted for installing it on a height that does not require any extra devices such as ladders, almost exclusively out of safety reasons.

Kids were on a trip to Lillehammer, so it was a bit of surprise for them. It worked nice at the end, and everyone likes the current setup. Next year, in summer, we might setup a bit more lights on the edges of the house, but this type of work is definitely not for the winter time.

In the evening we went for a movie night at Carl. It was a nice, relaxing evening. We have watched Hotel Transylvania and the Oz cartoon, forgot the title. It was pretty good, and the kids liked it.

My home computer keeps rebooting, and my work laptop is running out of space every time I’m trying to run Android Studio. Pretty bad – couldn’t write a single line of code today.


Bucharest, Day 2.


Preventing hate Against Roma: Plural policing for communities
Dr Zoe James, Plymouth University, UK
Community Policy, expert. Also, See Margret Greenfields
Consensual Policing

INHS – International Network for Hate Studies
– crimes committed against a person on the basis of a prejudice held against their identity
the identity can be based on race, or nationality, or sex, or religious beliefs, etc
– why people offend in the first place and treat the crime in the context of offending
Hate speech, powerful elites, media, far-right, ripple effect on communities (fear of crime)
OSCE Hate Crime Report (2015)
Discrimination: deprivation, poor accommodation, ill health, state agency complicity (police abuse, brutality, cruelty, etc)
refs James (2014), FRA (2016)
Coercive Policing
– authoritarian, coercive, repressive, militaristic, controlling communities
Consensual Policing
– senior police, community police, diversity officers, liberal, consensus-based, encouraging the reporting, respectful, peace-keeping forces
Community policing embraced as principle throughout Europe (Brogden and Nijhar, 2005)
Procedural justice enhances police legitimacy (Sargeant et al, 2016)
Social policing (Walker 2016)

Restorative policing

Money traces, accounting, tax evasion

Follow the money, the impact of illicit financial flows, home and abroad
Razvan Hoinaru (part of the project)
Quen Mary, University College

– IFF — illicit financial flows
– The Stolojan-Kaba report
– Accounting – tricks of the trade
The world is the vulnerable place, why, liabilities tend to exceed the assets. IFFs are mainly African issues, and the money mostly ends up in Switzerland and in the UK.

Africa has 29 billionaires (France has 30), Africa standard of life has risen, from 1$/day to 1.25$/day.
certain practices in the City of London and Delaware, US, took 20 trillion dollars from the world’s economy.
Economic perspective vs Policy perspective
accounting is a device to keep capitalist honest, but, there is a mismatch between the instrument and the policy
EU anti-money laundering directive
African acknowledged the problem

Alia Kobylianska, PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Odessa, Ukraine
victimisation of internally displaced persons, a case of Ukraine, economic aspects

mostly about the displaced people, 64.000 internally displaced in Poland

PTSD in Serbia
Leposava Kron, Belgrade, Criminology and Socialogical research
Radu Petre

Cost of homicide 1.7m GPB in 2010, in 2012 3.533m GBP
Burglary 820GBP

cost of crime per capita: under 100US$ in Romania, and over $400 in London


Zizi Goschin
Spatial econometrics, location of crime, hot spots, tool: Geoda


Personal notes

Breakfast. Sessions. Interesting case study for police wearing the body-worn cameras, and the effects it has on their performance, and on the complaints police receives from stop-and-search suspects. And interesting talk from Radu about the costs of crime. My talk. A bit rushed, due to time constraints. Then meeting with the economic crime unit and then with the NGO. Interesting discussions. Sessions end. Walking to town with 4 other people, two from the UK, one Italian and one from Romania. Nice dinner, chatting. Caru ca Bere restaurant. Lots of tourists, but nice atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Walking home. Emails, blog, sleep. Alarm clock set at 3. Tough.


Bucharest, Day 1.

The night at the hotel was OK, however, I have not slept well. Waking up, rushing to eat, rushing to catch the taxi and longish line through the security. Airport. The flight is delayed, and we actually fly out with 40min delay. The driver is waiting. Half an hour, the conference hotel, lunch, and sessions. My session is moved to Thursday. Good, have more time to finish the slides. Dinner at the hotel. Chatting with Radu. Nice people. Lots of sociologists, criminologists, social scientists, economists. And one lawyer. Good discussions, mostly around Roma population, but also other minorities. Evening, preparing the talk.


Travel. The entire day. First, bus to Gardermoen. Then, the first flight to Munich. Delayed by over 2 hours. I stayed at the airport, working mostly. The flight boarding, further delays. Then the actual flight. The weather seemed fine, with blue skies, and a thick layer of flat clouds below us. As it turns out, that flat layer of clouds was actually a fog, hugging the earth, so once we went into it, it was almost immediately ground. Landed at 15:00, and my connecting flight was leaving at 15:15. I got 10 Euros to eat and got rescheduled for 22:25 flight. At 21:30, I got a message that I have a new seat, because there will be a different plane, and then, subsequently, the flight was cancelled altogether. Queues. Dinner voucher. Taxi voucher. And hotel voucher. And, that was my day. Spent in the airports. Working on the victimisation paper, dark web, and the future of blockchains in for the organised crime.

Contacted Julian, but he is in Darmstad on the Microsoft workshop today. Bad timing, otherwise we could have a beer perhaps. Next time.

No painkillers

Today morning, just before I took the pain medication, I could feel how my rib cage feels without the meds. I was quite shocked, how painful it felt, compared to Saturday, the day after the incident, when I was without painkillers the entire day, in pain. So: Saturday (no pain killers), pain, Sunday, with painkillers, manageable, and Monday, no pain killers again, and agony of pain in the morning. I decided to not take midday and evening dose of painkillers on today. I will just endure. Enduring makes me used to the pain, and I do not experience ups-and-downs of pain due to the effects of the medication. I am free from the influence of the meds. It feels worse, in some sense, but then again, the pain regulates my behaviour. Makes me more careful. Also, I think I have less of those sudden muscle spasms that were caused by a small painful twitch. After the initial small strike of pain, the entire muscle goes into a spasm that makes the pain even worse, which makes the muscles to contract even more.  I guess it was caused by the brain and the muscles not getting the feedback properly. So, good buy painkillers.


Two strings

Yesterday Emilia got her smartphone sorted, and for the first time she can use email and messaging apps. It is quite revealing, or perhaps eye-opening, of how she approaches it, and how she uses it to communicate with her friends, and with the extended family. For example, naturally, she uses quite a number of emojis in her messages. She has definitely never learned it from me. It is interesting to see her interacting with parents and the rest of the family through this new medium. It is rather hard to see your own kids becoming independent, as it happens very gradually, but, this is a clearly visible process.

Today was a bit warmer morning than yesterday, about -2C. Another rather busy day at work. Split into short chunks of meetings, and short activities. Meeting with Jaimie, Hakon, Magnus. Discussing workload issues with Tom and Simon. Then Game Programming final session with students, discussing the submission expectations. I guess this should be done up better early in the course.

Brainstorming a bit about the way immersive virtual environments can be controlled without the Vive controllers. Possibly using the Tango device. Will have to explore the ideas more.

Evening. Watching “Kubo and the two strings”. This film is thought-provoking and immensely beautiful. Makes a big impression on girls. I guess it is a bit hard for them to get all the meaning from the movie, but we will surely watch it again. Must discuss it tomorrow of how much they have got from the movie. When asked why the title is “two string”, Emilia says that it is about his mom and dad.



Busy day. Morning and early afternoon dedicated to SmartCities workshop at NTNU. Simon and I setup HTP Vive and demoed some of VR capabilities in the context of remote collaboration. Simon later showcased the collaboration space developed by MSc student, Niclas. Then meeting with Basel and Tom, discussing the future of VR projects. Back to workshop. Work, emails, catching up with students taking the graphics exam. Then home. Installing the spiky tires onto the bicycle, and cycling to the climbing gym. First climbing with Terje, then with Basel. A day like many others, but, there was this girl. At the climbing gym. She was wearing a pair of glasses and a pretty bright red jersey. She was loud, talkative, and extremely excited. She was about 6 years old. I think, it might have been her very first day at the climbing gym. She talked to everyone climbing there, asking how often they climb, and how great climbing is. She was so full of positive energy that it just poured to everyone she interrupted in her enquiries. She talked to me for few minutes, although I couldn’t answer her much as my Norwegian is almost non-existent. I smiled, nodded, and tried to answer some of her questions. She has brightened my day. And, she made everyone else in the gym smiling. She might have said, that she wants to be like “us”, people that can climb things that she cannot yet. I want to be like her, capable of bringing enthusiasm and positive energy to the world around.