Running events

Date Event 10km 21km 42km Ultra
2008.10 Hillfree, Outram pdf 1:35:02
11, MM35+
2008.09.14 Moro 2:06:45
597 overall
Running with Melanie.
2009.09.15 Moro 3:58:06
112 overall/200
Stomach flu
2010.02.03 Masters games pdf 41:22.14
1 MM35+
2010.03.13 Motatapu 3:37:53
16 Open Male
2010.09.19 Moro 3:43:52
78 overall
32 MM35+
2011.08.27 Nasby 100km 11:58:19
8 overall/11
2011.09.14 Moro 3:42:39
71 overall/210
35 M35+
2012.09.09 Dunedin Marathon 3:17:39
16 Open Men
25 overall/205
2012.10.28 Auckland Marathon 3:18:44
210 Open Men/1810
46 M3539/326
230 overall/2692
2013.03.16 Maniacka Dziesiatka pdf 41:27
66 M40
348 overall/2286
(lost to K50)
2013.04.07 Debno Marathon pdf 3:18:06
121 overall/1394
2013.04.28 Cracovia Marathon www 5:02:37
Running with Iza
2013.09.15 Wroclaw Marathon pdf 3:11:17
160 Open Men
169 overall/3501
2013.10.13 Poznan Marathon . 4:05:11
Running with Michal
2013.10.19 Bieg Kukuczki . 24h 160.8km
2014.04.06 Debno maraton pdf 3:10:28
108 Overall/2068
99 Overall man/1834
29 M40
2014.06.14 Birkebeiner Ultra online results 61 km 06:53:32
79 Overall/140
29 M40
2014.09.28 PZU Maraton Warszawski online 3:12:20
347 Overall/6675
87 M40/1685
2014.10.22 Maraton Bieszczadzki online 53 km 5:49:48
30 Overall/252
2015.06.13 Birkebeiner Ultra online results 61 km 06:25:51
50 Overall/201
9 M40
2015.07.16 Utra Trail 130, DFBG pdf 130 km 22:27:34
36 Overall/98
2015.09.28 Maraton Poznanski online 3:10:43
334 Overall/6242
65 M40/1045
2016.05.15 Cracovia Maraton online 3:15:25
380 Overall/5683
133 M40/1428
2016.06.11 Birkebeiner Ultra online results PDF 61 km 06:04:56
43 Overall/201
9 M40
2017.04.22 Krol Parku online 60km 5:12:14
8 Overall/149
2 M40/48


Blog posts about running.
Why running? To do something for my heart (literally and metaphorically). To challenge myself. As a way to (re)connect with nature, to clear my head, to meet like-minded people.

I have casually run throughout my life. I do not really recall how it all started, but running was always part of me. Early memories of running with other kids around the block. It was always recreational. Running/jogging with friends. For fun. For the pleasure of it.

I have started competing in 2008, when I was 35. I took part in 2008 half marathon that year. Twice. Got hooked on. Competitions are great to keep motivated and organized. And of course to push oneself a bit further.

A running event marks a particular milestone. Sets a well-define target, and by participating you leave a trace. Part of me disagrees with this, and part approves it. I think I do not truly got to the essence of running events yet. I need to gain a bit more experience. After doing my first ultramarathon I know I do not know how to run. I know I was doing it wrong. I’m self-taught, never had a trainer. It is simply a journey, my journey, and I like to explore it myself. Self-discovery perhaps appeals to me more than the running. Running is just the “means” not the destination. The more I run, the more running becomes secondary.

I thought I knew how to run, but the 100km event in Nasby taught me a good lesson. Learning about myself throughout the process. My thinking. My training. My eating. My living. I feel as if running helps me to be more myself. To grow.